Fashion by Edward Sapir (1931) – a reading

Edward Sapir (1884-1939) has been referred to as “one of the most brilliant scholars in linguistics and anthropology in our coun- try” (Franz Boas) and as “one of the greatest figures in American… Continue reading

In a jam? Ask Brian Eno! – approaches to creative thinking

Are you stuck in a sticky mind fart? Get help from Brian Eno. <CLICK HERE TO GET OUT OF CREATIVE BLOCK> If you clicked the above link, you’ll be taken to a dinosaur of… Continue reading

Ubiquitous or simple style can be difficult – finding the perfect T-shirt – an article

This article was originally posted on the Wall Street Journal. Finding the Perfect T-Shirt Why is Something So Simple So Hard to Get Right? By Ray A. Smith June 4, 2014 7:08 p.m.… Continue reading

Yohji Yamamoto

With my eyes turned to the past, I walk backwards into the future.

Kawaii Champion Sebastian Masuda – an article

This article was originally posted on Dazed Digital. Kawaii champion Sebastian Masuda invites us in The Japanese artist and designer behind Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s ‘PONPONPON’ opens up his treasure trove of cute overload… Continue reading

Kurashiki fashion frontier contest – call for entries

Kurashiki Fashion Frontier contest is calling for entries!  Categories: Uniform or Jeans & Casual wear (mens or womens, any season)  Theme: Removal, de-, reversal. Modular Deadline: July 15 2014 Grand Prize: 300,000 yen… Continue reading

Free Fashion Croquis

Hey.  “A Fashion croquis is a rough outline sketch of a figure model in various fashion illustration poses that fashion designers use as a fashion drawing template for sketching apparel design ideas andfashion drawings.… Continue reading

Beads of the World – an exhibition

    The following translation of the official blurb was found on TAB Beads are a familiar adornment to our contemporary clothes and accessories and have been used across the world since ancient… Continue reading

The New Black – a documentary

Please watch this! Released in May 2014, by European electronics giant AEG, this documentary explores some of the ways that designers are re-thinking their task as makers of apparel. How can we innovate… Continue reading

Bunka Student Style – Anri, Yukie, Tsuyoshi

Anri Ozawa STUDENT, 17 Sweater – N/A Skirt – OTOE (shop) Geta – N/A _o_z_a_w_a__ @ twitter Yukie Tada SHOP ASSISTANT, 23 Dress – N/A Boots – Dr.Martens Tsuyoshi Kurihara STUDENT, 20 Coat – Comme des… Continue reading