Tokyo Halloween on the Street – An Article by our Course Director

The Course Director of the GFC, Professor Yoko Takagi, has recently co-authored a paper on Halloween in Tokyo in Dress, The Journal of the Costume Society of America. Please read it here. If… Continue reading

Kamiko – Paper Clothing Workshops

I’ve started giving workshops on how to make Kamiko – or, clothing made out of Japanese paper in the traditional method. I came upon this knowledge as an offshoot of my PhD research,… Continue reading

The Art Studio of the Mouth – A Guest Workshop

We were visited in April 2017 by Marie Hugsted, from the Textilskolen, in Copenhagen (Denmark, for people who think it is in Sweden ;). Marie is embarking on a government-funded research project to… Continue reading

World Digital Library – Free Books Online

I’m always posting archives of awesome books for you. The internet goes deep, and is full of riches (just don’t go too deep. It’s pretty dark down there). The World Digital Library archive… Continue reading

Somenokomichi – a traditional Japanese textile festival

If you are interested in traditional Japanese textile workshops, traditional Japanese textile dyeing or kimono painting, then you should go to Some-no-Komichi this weekend! It takes place in Tokyo’s Nakai district, an area… Continue reading

FRUiTS is DEAD – an article in Quartz

It’s true. FRUiTS Magazine is no more. …Let’s take a moment of silence… I won’t write anything here about it because Marc Bain did a great job of telling the whole story on… Continue reading

Painting, drawings and sculpture by Yohji Yamamoto on display until March

We were visited in the classroom by Kubo-san, Head of Atelier at Yohji Yamamoto and his right-hand-man for almost 30 years. He told us an interesting story about his boss (translated, so the… Continue reading

Free Open Source Tools!

Are you a poor student or a young designer or just someone who believes people should have access to tools? Likely. If you are, then here is a Christmas gift for you. Sorry… Continue reading

Opencourseware – (free)online courses from the best universities in the world

When I was in high school I had a fantasy that I would enter University and start a “Clubhouse University”, where I would meet with people who hadn’t paid tuition and teach them… Continue reading

South American Slow Fashion, a Special Lecture at Bunka Fashion College

Yesterday as I was walking through the main entrance of┬áthe school my eye was drawn to a wonderful poster, design by our resident genius, and perhaps the tallest man on campus (TMOC), Scott… Continue reading