List of important Fashion design contests

There are many merits in entering fashion design contests:

1. It gives you a reason to create work which you would otherwise not have created. Winning should not necessarily be your main goal. Your goal should always be to create strong designs that you believe in, and that adds to your body of work as a whole and can be used in your portfolio.

2. If you do win, it is an excellent opportunity to gain recognition and sometimes prize money, scholarships, etc.

3. You may have the opportunity to show a respected member of our field your work. ( Ie. Tsumori Chisato is a Soen Judge, etc. )

4. It looks great on a CV.

5. This is an opportunity to see works of other designers created specifically for a contest that exist outside of the structure of the retail fashion system, and therefore could be cutting-edge and innovative in ways you could never have imagined.

Fashion Design contests listed with their countries of origin:

Soen Fashion Contest  Soen Magazine, Bunka’s own magazine, puts on this contest every year and it is highly suggested by the faculty that you enter this contest. (Japan)

Chubu Fashion College Contest (Japan)

Nagoya Fashion Contest (Japan)

Kobe Fashion Contest (Japan)

Original Fashion Contest (Japan)

A’Design Award and Competition (Global)

YKK Fashion Contest (Japan)

Mitsubishi Chemical Junior Designer Award (Japan)

Nippori Fashion Contest (Japan)

Tokyo New Designer Fashion Grand Prix (Japan)

Kurashiki Fashion Frontier Contest (Japan)

Kobe Fashion Remake Contest (Japan)

Love Cotton Love Hamamatsu Cotton Design Contest (Japan)

International Talent Support (ITS) Fashion Contest (Europe)

Dorchester Collection Fashion Prize (England)

Admiralty Needle Fashion Contest (Russia)

Mango Fashion Award (Spain)

Arts of Fashion Contest

H&M Design Award (Sweden)

Tessuti Awards (Australia)

The Woolmark Prize (Global)

Hyeres Fashion Contest (France)

LVHM Prize for Young Fashion Designers (France)

Fashion Zakka (accessory) Design Competition (Japan)

**Sorry that some of these sites are in Japanese. Remember that you can ask me if you have any questions.

**I update this list as often as I can with more contests.

Check these sites for more information on Fashion Design Contests:

Arts Thread

Vogue Italia

British Fashion Council

Good luck and remember to use Google Translate to translate a page if you don’t understand it. Anything is possible.