Industrial sewing lab tutorials

Hello lovely class!! Did your brains explode today with creative possibilities after seeing all the amazing machines today in the Industrial Sewing Lab??


We didn’t have enough time to go over all the machines, but below are some resources to help you figure out the ones that we did look at. Let me know which ones you have questions about, and I can ask Wakatsuki-sensei about them. Also please feel free to e-mail me at any time to book the room, and if you have questions about the facilities.

Walking foot machine (Leather & Denim machine)

Remember to use thicker thread and thicker needles (16/100, 18/100 and up). When in doubt, check the needle that is currently in the machine and read the imprint on it’s side. **Please do NOT sew through leather glue.


This guy is giving you maybe more info than you need, but he seems like a friendly man and he will show you how to use the skiving machine to shave your leather edges down.

Straight stitch machine

I’m sure that you are all familiar with using this machine. You won’t really need to use the computer panel at the top, unless you are sewing numerous repetitive lines. Remember that the toe is to sew and the heel is to cut. You can adjust the speed and there are two backstitch buttons, one next to the needle and one next to the handwheel.

Threading guide:

Lock Machine:

Remember to leave the thread tails, tie on your new thread and pull through. If you make this a habit then you’ll never have to fuss about inside of a machine! But you should always bring tweezers just in case ;). Four threads for knits, three for wovens (as a general rule). The thread will be cut automatically

Threading guide:

Flatlock machine:

Thread tails- tie them on, be careful, go slowly, open the tension discs if they get snagged, be careful, go slowly. Only sew when there is fabric under the needles. Toe to sew, heel to cut -^_^-!

This factory show you why most industrial machines do one task, for speed! It also shows you why you should wash underwear even if it is brand new (dirty factory floor 0_0) :

Flatlock binding machine:

Similar to the flatlock machine, Toe to sew, heel to cut -^_^-! Cut binding from your fabric and roll it around the roller. Pull the binding under the needles and sew a few stitches, then insert your fabric right side up into the binding.

Shakier than The Blair Witch Project:

Fusing roller press:

Remember this thing? Flip the switch on the right side of the panel, then hit the green button. Adjust the temperature on the three panels, corresponding to their areas on the machine. Then adjust the time, and the pressure (start with around 4). If you ask the people who sell you the fusing ‘setchaku jouken‘ they will tell you the ‘jikan =time‘, ‘atsuryoku= pressure‘ and ‘ondo=temperature‘.

Or you could experiment! Just please wrap it all in paper so no glue gets in the machine ~^^~

This thing. Even the man in this video is saying “We put it through and it didn’t stick so let’s change the temperature and try again”:

**When you are done, hit the yellow button and allow the machine to cool for 10-15 minutes before turning it off.

Ironing tables:

  1. Check the water level in the tank.
  2. Close red valve.
  3. Turn on steam and iron  (two switches)
  4. Iron will be ready in 3-4 mins, steam takes about 15-20. Be careful about ironing before steam is ready, you may get water stains on your garments.
  5. Steam button is on iron near your thumb.
  6. If you want to use the vacuum table, flick the switch on the left of the machine. Then activate the on/off switch with your foot.
  7. Before leaving, check that the irons are turned off ** Especially in A 191 b. Turn of switches, open the red valve, Empty the water from the steam tank and take the hose out of the water. Remember the tank we used to dump the extra water? Make sure it has water in it so the steam doesn’t burn your face off :D.

This must be the machine he was talking about that will arrive next week:

**Please sweep and clean up after yourself, let’s keep this room clean! Good luck, gang!