Nippori Textile Town

Nippori Textile Street

This street in Nippori is the best place in Tokyo to find all the fabrics & supplies you need! It’s called 日暮里繊維街 (Nippori Sen-i Gai).

Every shop has a specialty, some in cottons, some in silks, some in man-made fibers, some only sell trims, fasteners and buckles. There are some shops that sell simple things like shoulder pads, fusing and thread for dirt cheap so please just take yourself out there and have a good look around and get familiar with what each shop has to offer and their prices. Sensei’s personal favorites are Tomato(#48) and Youtou Shoten (#18).

There are also a couple of shops in Nippori that sell leather and leatherwork supplies but for leather, accessories and shoemaking supplies one should really go to Asakusabashi and/or Asakusa. (Post coming soon)

Please have a look at this map for the specific location of the street in relation to Nippori Station. Nippori Station is in the Northeast side of Tokyo on the Yamanote line.

Other fabric shops in Tokyo (list in progress):


Asakusabashi ・Accessories & Leather town