Project #3 – Design Elements

Project #3 - Design Elements

As a fashion designer it is vital that you understand the way garments are constructed. You need this knowledge to be able to innovate new methods and techniques and to subvert or update existing methods. However, communicating your designs with your production team can be a big challenge, and can cause huge losses in time & money if there is a mix-up. If you are inventing a new pocket, lining, cutting method, joining method ( Anything ! ) You will need to create a ‘bible’, an instruction manual for your contractors or couturiers.

My students were challenged with the task of innovating a simple design element and creating the instruction manual for said design.

Bernice Chua and Keiko Tanaka designed a beautiful Welt Pocket! Find the full instructions here.

*Please note that this ‘manual’ is not industry-standard, and companies often create their own ‘order of operations’ flow charts. Be creative. Design your own pockets!