Blackface, Witches and Racism Against Girls – an essay

Another article from Sharon Kinsella. This time about the way that Gyaru were portrayed in the media as being animalistic, which caused them to be ostracized by mainstream, ‘normal’ Japanese society in the 1990s. Gyaru are often described as a ‘tribe’ of young Japanese girls and boys who roam the streets of Shibuya, a consumer superspace in Tokyo. In this article Kinsella talks about their history while shedding light on the fact that they were mostly written about by men in men’s publications often in dehumanizing and racist pseudo-scientific terms.

Blackface, Witches and Racism Against Girls

Sharon Kinsella, 2005

(Below: A typical Ganguro Girl in Shibuya posing in front of Gyaru ‘Mecca’, Shibuya 109)