Custom Fabric Printing in Tokyo

So, I was walking past the library today and I saw these three young businessmen who looked very lost. I asked them what they were looking for, and they all dropped their briefcases and gave me a deeeeeep boooow and told me that they were recent Bunka Graduates and they have just started their own fabric printing company!

The company is called Print Boueki. “Boueki” means exporting and importing and is pronounced “boe-eki”. The flyer they gave me was so incredibly poorly designed that I wont post it here. You get a sense of their aesthetic when you see their logo…. I hope their printing quality can speak for itself ^^;;;

Have a look at their site ( I’m sorry that it’s only in Japanese, but open it with Chrome or something and translate :).

If you see something you want – or you want to contact them about printing, let me know and I’ll co-ordinate for you. They also do custom embroidery and woven brand labels, aside from the generic swag they have available.

Custom Fabric Printing in Tokyo