Bunka Gakuen SCHOOL SHOP!

Bunka Gakuen SCHOOL SHOP!

We are so so super duper silly pants lucky to have such a wonderful shop in our school. Above is a link to the big shop that is in front of the cafeteria or 購買(こうばい-Koubai)in Japanese. They even have a blog! You can get all of your essentials, and many many textbooks and specialty tools as well. Lining, fusing, batting, muslin, shoulderpads, pencils, rulers, weights, any patternmaking tool, presentation tools like binders and folders, they even sell makeup and snacks! It is sort of like a convenience store for fashion students! Within the School Shop there are two stores, Bunka and Tsuyose, which sells your notions like thread, buttons, zippers, snaps, buckles etc. Tsuyose also has a multi-floor location in Nakano (map) at which you can use your Bunka student card for a discount!

There are also many Bunka Tools that have been specially designed after years of research.  These items are sold in the school shop only. I am in love with these little plastic dressform charms they have made! But I realize they look like naked bodies to people who don’t know about draping…