Japan Fur Contest – finalists announced

Quick, put your kitty or puppy or bunny in the other room before you read this.

So the JFA (Japan Fur Association) does a Fur Design Contest every year. Have a look here at some of the past winners.

This year’s theme? “Soothing and warm…living with fur”…..pretty clever??

on September 13 the judges did their first screening of the over 2,000 design drawings submitted, and below are some finalists that were selected from Bunka Fashion College. For the full list, click here. Now the students, with the help of the Fur Association, will create their pieces, and on November 28 will show their work

Tei Shouhou (Fashion Design Course)


Kan Yuki (Fashion Design Course)


Kimijima Shio (Apparel Design, 2nd Year)


Muramatsu Saya (Apparel Design, 2nd Year)


Good luck, students! <3