Bunka Professor Minoru Yokoyama wins Good Design Award!

Usually I only post student work on this blog, but when a faculty member gets some recognition for their work then it calls for a celebration!

Yokoyama-sensei, who teaches our Advanced Study of Art and Design in Japanese Culture Course alongside Dr.Yoko Takagi, has won a Good Design Award.

The G-mark, or Good Design Award is an annual competition judged by a panel of graphic designers and industrial designers, headed by Naoto Fukasawa.

Yokoyama Sensei was awarded for a textbook he created, entitled 「五感のデザインワークブックor “The Five Senses Design Workbook“.

This workbook-style textbook is the culmination of 20 years of Yokoyama Sensei’s teaching in both the US, and here in Japan at Bunka and with high schooler students. This book is a genuine hands-on approach to learning, with pages that invite the reader to touch them, to feel their own hands.

Making Feeling into Form“, this textbook nurtures the development of creative sensibilities. While we are in the age of computers, and are obsessed with visual information, this learning method is intended to awaken the five senses. Sensory memory in your fingertips is brought back to you through sand sketches, imaging the space in which a sound you encounter exists, telling a story to a person with drawings, this book contains 12 exercises to stimulate the senses.

Good design needs to be felt with all five senses.

The G-Mark Good Design Exhibition 2013 is on now until November 4 at Tokyo Midtown.