A visit from Yusuke Hotchi, assistant designer at Haider Ackerman

This summer, our Global Fashion students were honored by a visit from Yosuke Hotchi, assistant designer at Haider Ackermann. He stopped over at Bunka during his annual research trip to Japan- He came to use our library, and offered to speak with our students and tell us about his history and design process.P1100276 Aside from perusing our lovely library, Yusuke was also on the hunt for a Hanbok, a Korean traditional garment that is made from a very peculiar type of organza that has a firm hand and holds its shape beautifully.

Yosuke graduated from the Design Course in the competitive and famous Antwerp School, which focuses on advancing creative design concepts, rather than perfecting one’s stitching techniques. He tells us of his experience at Antwerp: strict teachers, crying, Japanese students were weak in creative design- great in technique, hard work and the dedication to one’s own vision. “The school was strict, strict, strict.” Students at the Antwerp school don’t have to think about marketability. the importance is on creation, not on selling. “We can design those later” Says Hotchi about the schools position on marketable clothing. Upon graduation he snagged a very competitive internship, and got a job right away at Haider Ackermann.

“My way is Haiders way”


“There are two ways of sketching: draping and drawing.” These are the two methods he employs to fully explore one idea, material and direction.

Yusuke, thank you so much from everybody here at Bunka Gakuen University for coming in and speaking with us. 勉強になりました!また来年も宜しくね!


From Left to right: Lecturer Daphne Mohajer Va Pesaran, Bernice Chua, Josiah Chua, Yusuke Hotchi, Syban Velardi Laufer, Keiko Tanaka, Prof. Dr. Yoko Takagi.

Royal Academy of Fine Arts- Antwerp Fashion Department 4th Year
Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten van Antwerpen — Mode Master
アントワープ王立芸術アカデミーファッション科 4年生
2011 Christine Mathys (“Dries Van Noten“) AWARD winner
2011 Christine Mathys (“ドリス・ヴァン・ノッテン)賞 受賞

  Designs from the studio of Haider Ackermann:

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tilda-swinton-and-haider-ackermann-gallery Screen shot 2013-10-20 at 15.19.54  Screen shot 2013-10-20 at 15.19.35 Day5_SS13B5-HaiderAckermann-068 Haider Ackermann 73pg_HaiderAckermann HaiderAckermannSS11b haider-ackermann-fall-2011-15-detail HaiderAckermannFall2010R7  haspring5 img-haider-ackermann-1_112155637108Haider Ackermann.