Design Festa No.38 – Epic Art Event this weekend

imagesOne of Tokyo’s biggest and most … insane art events is coming up this weekend. A secular, subcultural world called Design Festa. It. Is. Awesome. This year there will be 10,000 participants in 3,000 booths. That isn’t 10,000 attendees…no, there will be 10,000 people displaying their work.

Hordes of talented (and not so talented) young people gather in a big hall and do basically whatever they want for three days. Some people paint, some people just sell their paintings, some booths have bands in them. I remember one year there wasa group of young art school students who had rented a booth and had a slumber party. They spent the whole weekend eating snacks and playing Nintendo. They let me play.

To get a sense of what it’s been like in the past, check out the official archive.Bring a camera and some cash that you are willing to part with. You wallet will be empty y the end of the day! Support some young people and have fun!

Design Festa will take place on November 2 & 3 2013 at Tokyo Big Sight from 11:00 to 7:00.

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