Tokyo Designers Week!

This year, Tokyo Designers Week 2013 was not at all what I was expecting it to be.


dezeen_Tokyo-Designers-Week-2013_18After vising the G-Mark Award exhibition in Roppongi on Saturday, I thought it would be more of the same at Tokyo Designers Week. Namely, rows of objets quotidienne lined up for one to pick up and examine like toothbrushes, iPad cases, lamps. TDW was nothing like that…

If you have ever been to this event before, then you are aware of the vast amount of objects on display. There have always been cutting edge. professionally made designers objects, but this year was a bit different, as the organizers were hoping to draw a parallel to other festivals happening in Tokyo this year- namely music festivals. In the center of the exhibition space was a music stage! While I was there the band was playing the kind of syrupy jazz that one would expect to be playing arbitrarily in the background of an episode of Friends. Perhaps next year they will get that aspect a little more interesting…..THere was even an open bar at the entrance, and a new smokeless tobacco product that they were trying to push on consumers with cute photos and crisp ad. Perhaps this is a push towards eliminating smoking in Tokyo, to place in line with other major cities around the world who have embraced the ban? Namely New York, Toronto, Paris and London. The Olympics are coming here…. and with it, the tourists!

I also was very happy to see the 3D printing booth on display! It was jam packed and I really felt like I was experiencing a historical moment. Well, maybe that specific moment won’t go down in the history books, but now we are seeing domestic 3D printers as a novelty spectacle, while not raelly placing a lot of intrinsic value on their materials or the resulting material quality of everything printed (everything has a ‘samey” quality), and soon they will become a ubiquitous production source, a must-have machine for every factory and design house alike. I can’t wait until they can print in metal, wood, and even food! I am trying to ignore the possibilities of printing DNA and other organic materials. That is not my field, and frankly it terrifies me to think that the scientific avant-garde can be leagues ahead of the moral and socially responsible.

That said, here are some images of the event. Today is the last day, so please check it out if you have a chance! tokyo-designers-week-2013-2

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Have a look at the official site here. Can’t wait until next year!