Yuma Koshino Lecture TOMORROW!

Hiroko Koshino

The following post was written with wrong information. It was actually Yuma Koshino, and not her mother, Hiroko Koshino, who gave the lecture. Apologies!


Japanese fashion designer Hiroko Koshino will be coming to do a special lecture tomorrow (November 13) during 4th period. Check it out!

Hiroko Koshino is the oldest of the three Koshino sisters, who are all fashion designers. The others are Junko Koshino and Michiko Koshino. Hiroko and her sisters are mostly all Bunka Graduates, and they often come to the school to hang and chit chat. Junko is a judge in the Soen Contest, and Hiroko’s daughter Yuma Koshino is also a designer, and since 2012 has taken a position as a professor here at Bunka Gakuen University.

This family must have an incredible collection of clothing. It’s so inspirational to hear a family story like this, are there any other fashion design families in the world?

Holy crap I just looked it up and Hiroko was born in 1937!!!!! I thought she was only 40 when I saw her after her 2014 runway show earlier this year….daaaaaaaamn she looks good.

20120123_carnation_07Their lives are so interesting that there is a television drama on NHK called Carnation about them! Well, the show is actually mainly about their mother, Ayako Koshino, who after seeing Western clothing for the first time near the turn of the century became fixated and began to make them. If there was an actor playing you, who would you pick?

Some of Hiroko’s designs:

Hiroko-Koshino-SS12cChangefashion.net004 IMG_1471 HIROKO-KOSHINO-2013-14-aw-20130321_001-thumb-500xauto-177648 pret-a-porter-hiroko-koshino-01-10-2009-5863_L UElDVDAxODD6sQ HIROKO-KOSHINO-2013-14-aw-20130321_061-thumb-500xauto-177708 Hiroko+Koshino HIROKO KOSHINO 001ec94a26ba0b1ad76014 hdcfgh Hiroko-Koshino HirokoKoshino_Fall2013_story 6 Hiroko+Koshino+Japan+Fashion+Week+2009+HIROKO+y5o-JdU6qBWl Hiroko+Koshino+Spring+2010+XFDXWW1V8d7l HIROKO KOSHINO-2 3611 fashionwindows.net_

hiroko koshino 6 hiroko koshino rfj_1_60 HIROKO KOSHINO hiroko-koshino-fall-winter-2010

Mama and her girls:


From left to right: Hiroko, Ayako, Junko and Michiko