Bunkasai 2014 Show pieces UP CLOSE – part 1

DSC06244Last week was the exhibition of all the work from the Bunkasai Fashion show! It’s such a shame that the students spend so much time on each piece, only to be able to display it for a brief moment on the stage. For me, a person who goes to the show every year to get that feeling of ‘holy crap how did they….’ this exhibition was a rare, lucky chance to see all these clothes up close, see what they were made of, the effort put into every detail, the custom woven fabrics, the handmade shoes. This collection reminded me of aliens. Pregnant aliens. I could really see the story when looking it- the characters. I also really enjoyed their use of materials, and weird shapes. Do you remember my post from a while ago about the student entries? I had taken a photo of this collections illustration for that stage of the process! Basically, when a collection is selected, it is then divided into manageable parts and assigned to various classes. Second Year Advanced Shoe Design Course – one pair of shoes, Textile Design Masters Course – fabric for collection 1, etc. In this way everyone has a part in making these collections, and they can be sure to look insanely good from the inside and out. DSC06305DSC06320DSC06325 DSC06324DSC06322 DSC06355 DSC06346 DSC06351 DSC06349 DSC06348DSC06344 DSC06345  DSC06343 DSC06339 DSC06338 DSC06337DSC06335  DSC06334  DSC06330DSC06332 DSC06331DSC06329 DSC06328 DSC06327 DSC06326DSC06319 DSC06318 DSC06317 DSC06316DSC06314   DSC06311 DSC06310 DSC06309 DSC06308  DSC06306