Virtual Shoe Museum

Woah woah woah woah. This archive is insane! This website calls itself a museum, and is the brain child of Lisa Snook, who has a healthy (crazy?) obsession with shoes.  You can search by Object, focus, material, style, etc. to serve all your needs! These are art shoes, innovative and cutting-edge designs, often using really strange materials. Basically, this website is shoes, shoes, shoes. And more shoes. And some things that may not able to be called shoes, but they go on your feet.

“We connect designers and shoe lovers, we connect curators of exhibitions and we supply shoe images for calendars and shoe books. We will expand the video reports about interesting shoe events, interviews with designers and shoe collectors. We want to create a traveling exhibitions of virtual shoes, made by artists and designers on invitation. We are full of new shoe plans (apps, books, products) so we are investigating lots of new cooperations with other shoe maniacs, designers and museums. And of course as shoe book collectors we would like to make the ultimate shoe book! So keep visiting our website and we will keep you posted!”

The Virtual Shoe Museum

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