Bunkasai 2014 Show pieces UP CLOSE – part 3


When I saw this collection on stage, I sort of saw each piece as too similar, and I didn’t really agree with the reasoning behind having it in the show at all. Then I saw these pieces in real life and up close, and could see all the details, and the subtleties in variation between each outfit- mostly in ruffle placement hehe…

On stage they were chaotic, saccharine gumdrop faeries, but in real life I could see that they were a lot wiser, more refined, but no less adorable! I really like the blob-like leopard fabric they had woven for this collection. Also the flower shoes are incredible (even if they are covered in hot glue)!

I can’t help it. This collection makes me smile ~^^~!


DSC06531 DSC06530 DSC06529 DSC06528 DSC06527 DSC06526 DSC06525 DSC06524 DSC06523 DSC06522 DSC06521 DSC06520 DSC06519 DSC06518 DSC06517 DSC06516 DSC06515 DSC06514 DSC06513 DSC06512 DSC06533 DSC06532