Pattern Magic lecture with the author, Tomoko Nakamichi


It was a great honor to have the writer and playful mind behind the notorious Pattern Magic pattern cutting textbooks come and do a special lecture at Bunka Fashion College the other day. She basically spent three hours explaining one of her techniques (The Quick-turn, in which you can draft on a flat pattern a lovely twist into the fabric, creating drapey folds. The twist then sews into any seam shape you like. It sounds difficult, but it was really easy. )  She gave us lots of little tricks, like changing the shape of the neckline before even beginning, to allow for the stretching that will happen later.I love these textbooks! A lot of the techniques are easy-to-learn, and some are straight-up obvious once you try them once.

I also teach my students some of her techniques in my class.  It was so lovely to meet Nakamichi Sensei!! I hope she comes back again, and teaches us one of her harder ones.

Drape is a play on light & shadow” 

“Make it flat, then fix it in 3-D. Patternmaking is a synthesis of flat and 3D techniques”

After serving many years as a professor at Bunka Fashion College, Ms. Nakamichi currently delivers lectures and holds courses on design making, both in Japan and overseas. Tomoko Nakamichi has written three books : Pattern Magic, Pattern Magic 2 and Pattern Magic Stretch

Here are some excerpts from her books:

3dshaping 6803169887_499e6226a6_o CIMG0538DSC_0132 img090 img092 IMG_5691 livre-pattern-magic-3-matieres-extensiblespatterm magic 2vanishing lapel pattern3 pattern magic Pattern Magic_Andy South_Project Runway Pattern_Magic_Stretch_Fabrics-3 Pattern_Magic_Stretch_Fabrics-4 Pattern_Magic_Stretch_Fabrics-6 pm-001 pm-002

I’m sorry about the photos I took below. They look like I took them with a potato. Can you figure out what we were making?


She had the original piece that was on the cover of the first book!

IMG_3156 IMG_3161 Syban V., our second year student who will be the very first student to show her graduate collection in this course. IMG_3159      Some of the various techniques Nakamichi Sensei teaches, in half-scale. Yes~ HALF~!!IMG_3151 IMG_3150 IMG_3149
IMG_3145   IMG_3142IMG_3140 IMG_3139