Bunka Student Style

01 (1)

Name: Matsuo
Age: 20
Studying: Fashion Design Course
From: Chiba
Theme of today’s look: anti-war



Name: 7A

01 (2)

Name: Takeuchi
Age: 20
From: Aichi
Theme of today’s look: I matched my hat ans suspenders, but it looks like I forgot to wear shoes.

01 (3)

Age: 23
Studying: Fashion Management
From: China
Favorite thing about this season: nabe!



Name: Aikawa
Age: 19
Studying: Trend Research Course
From: Chiba
Favorite thing about this season: Nabe!

01 (4)

name: mo:u
Age: 18
Studying: fashion Design Course
From: Ishikawa
How many blue things do you own: 3!

01 (5)

Name: Sho
Age: 26
Studying: Styling Course
From: China
First thing that comes to mind when you hear “blue”: The sea

All photos courtesy of http://fashionjp.net