Student Work from Korea on display in the Main Entrance!

We are honoured to host an exhibition of the MA and PhD work of some students from Konkuk University, in South Korea. The exhibition as curated and titled “Apparel Body Construct“, or “ABC“. The works are on display until today, so please go and see what they have brought to show us. To sum it up in one word: TEXTURE. Two words? TEXTURE PARTY. There are some very cool things happening on these body forms. Layers upon layers on surface design mixed with all varieties of techniques, playing with material and form. I don’t think any of them used very much traditional textile material (woven, with a grain, bought at a fabric shop, etc.).   They are on display in the Main Entrance Exhibition Space until TODAY, Decmber 6th, 2013, so please take a detour on your way home and have a drool!



konkoku04KenKOk 004KenKOk 009

konkoku06 KenKOk 036konkoku01KenKOk 011konkoku02 KenKOk 013 KenKOk 015 konkoku03KenKOk 017

KenKOk 019

KenKOk 002konkoku05  KenKOk 023 KenKOk 025

konkoku07 KenKOk 027 KenKOk 029 KenKOk 031 KenKOk 032konkoku08KenKOk 034
konkoku09 konkoku10
konkoku12 konkoku13 konkoku14 konkoku15 konkoku16 konkoku17 konkoku18 konkoku19 konkoku20 konkoku21konkoku22