Calico Sale!

Call it what you want- Muslin, Calico, Sheeting…’s final collection season and IT’S ON SALE at the Supply Shop until next week.

What is it? It’s that magical stuff that you can’t seem to ever have enough of. It is a loosely woven, easy to manipulate unprocessed cotton fabric that designers use to test the fit and shape of their patterns and designs before cutting out of the fashion fabric. It smells funny, and it presses very well.  You can draw on it, tear it, see the grainlines really easily, store it forever and pull it out without change, burn it, print on it, etc. It does not soak up water, though.

muslin sale

Sheeting Sale!

December 11 ~ 20! Medium Weight, Heavy Weight, Washed Medium Weight, Washed Heavy Weight. 10m bolts (as long as we still have bolts) for 15% off! (I think that ends up being about 500yen off, which is a pretty sweet deal)

The yellow part says WE ALSO HAVE LEATHER SALE.