Bunkasai 2014 Show pieces UP CLOSE- Part 5

Continuing with my posts showing detailed, up-close photos of the collections from this year’s Bunkasai Fashion Show…Next we have SPOOKY ‘GOTH’ BOSS LADY, as I call it.

Overall, I thought the inspiration for this collection was a bit corny and banal. Especially after I went up close and saw the actual spider accessories, spiderweb fabric and spiderweb chain stitched all over, I realized that their theme must have been “creepy, spooky spiders” or something. Also, if you are going to make dangling chain belts and neck-pieces, please do, but make sure that the parts you use are beautiful on their own before you sew them to anything. If you attach less-than beautiful leather, gems and chains to something that has a beautiful pattern and silhouette, it brings the quality of the whole look down. There was a disconnect in the quality of the garments vs the quality of the embellishments and accessories.

In spite of the cheesy theme, I did like some of the cutting techniques, silhouettes, and strange shapes on the bodice and beyond. The sleeves! This collection was saved by the sleeves and the beautiful fit of all their garments on the body. Their fabric selection was also very odd (in a good way), and I commend their use of some futuristic, spacey mesh fabric with wool suiting fabrics to make their netherworld power suits. The most successful look for me were those with the big sleeves, especially the one at the end. All in all, however, this collection seemed like a bit of a high-school Halloween fashion show, and not at the level that it could have been in concept and execution. It probably looked much better on paper than it did on the body. I was happy with some of the innovations on a tired theme, but I have to apologize to the students who worked hard on this collection when I state that these women looked like they could emerge as the villain in a Tim Burton-inspired student film.


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