IFFTI 2014 International Fashion Illustration Contest Results

Thank you to all the participants, paper presenters and wonderful people who came to our school last week for the 2014 IFFTI Conference. I look forward to seeing you all next year in Florence! Further, I would like to thank and congratulate all the participants in the Fashion Illustration Contest!

Here are the winners (based on votes during the conference), and some of my favorites below. Congrats!

Grand Prix 


Kyoko Takasue, Bunka Gakuen University

Second Place

AMFI - Marit van Serveen 1

Marit van Serveen, AMFI

Third Place

Nikki Lam- NTU Illustration

Nikki Lam- Nottingham Trent University

And of the hundreds of submissions that, sadly, did not win a prize here are some of my absolute favorites. I am really impressed by the level of talent and skill from all of the following submissions!


Jessica Wanuch, Ryerson University


Bernice Chua, Bunka Gakuen University

Scan 5

Ambra Inghilleri, Polimoda

danielle jee_yohji yamamoto

Danielle Jee, Ryerson University


M. J. Zhang, BIFT


Yan Seki, DongHua University

different contour in different eyes副本

Yan Seki, DongHua University


Gao Xue, BIFT

Katarina 1

Katarina Stupavska, AMFI

AMFI - Laura Maria Hamstra 3

Laura Maria Hamstra, AMFI

Sipei Yin1

Yin Sipei, BIFT

the power of fashion(better copy)by WangDi

Wang Di, BIFT

Sng Yu Qing

Sng Yu Qing, Temasek


Ketzia Sherman, Ryerson University

Claudia Susini, Polimoda


Yaqi Guo, DongHua University

FJU,Textiles & Clothing 2A-B,Yang Wen Chi

Yang Wen Chi, Fu Jen Catholic University


Sally Light, Notthingham Trent University


Selene Chow, DongHua University


Selene Chow, DongHua University

Xueni Zhou (Snowni), BIFT

FJU,Textiles & Clothing 2B Yu Chun Ou

Yu Chun Ou, Fu Jen Catholic University

Picture (Device Independent Bitmap) 1 (1)

Bie Xin, BIFT

Picture (Device Independent Bitmap) 1

Bie Xin, BIFT


Bie Xin, BIFT

clam (1)

Yue Yin, BIFT

clam (4)

Yue Yin, BIFT


Yue Yin, BIFT


Samantha Piras, Polimoda