European Mode 2014 – Exihibition



Students get in for free. Don’t worry! Bunka puts on a similar exhibition every year, showing off the finest in their collection of Western garments from the 1770s-1990s. This time, however they are showing menswear and childrenswear from the period alongside the ladies garments. The Bunka Gakuen Costume Museum attends the fashion shows around the world and purchases a very select few items for it’s collection every year, so this time they have a few edgy Gaulitier, Comme des Garcons and Issey Miyake pieces on display as well as the bustles and crinolines and insane hand embroidery of lavish 19th century Europe. 

Students, did you know that you are allowed to personally view each piece in the archive for research purposes? If you need to, you can put in a request to see anything you like in person to examine how it was constructed. Please also keep in mind that this online archive is only showing a few hundred of the tens of thousands of pieces in the archive, so if there is some specific area or item that you would like to know more about, just ask. Would you like to know how they put together brassieres in the 17th century? OF COURSE THEY USE FENNEL SEEDS. Or,  perhaps, you would like to know how they achieved the immaculate shaping on men’s suit jackets in the late 19th? IT WASN’T MAGIC, IT WAS HORSEHAIR?! So many secrets could be revealed. 


European Mode 2014 Bunka

See the European Mode 1770s~1990s Exhibition from February, 7 , 2014~May, 24, 2014