Happy Graduation day!

Yesterday was graduation day.

After many long speeches, and not one, not two, but THREE official school songs were sung, Macarena and Syban were finally able to celebrate the end of two years of dedication and hard work by receiving their Masters Degrees. These two young women are the very first Graduates of the Global Concentration, and have set the bar very high for their underclassmen.

Congratulations, girls. Go forth and kick the ass of the world.

Macarena Sol Sandoval Calderóne Chile

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Syban Velardi-LauferEngland

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Syban (Left) and Macarena (Right) holding up their degrees

photo 4

Traditional University Graduation Clothing for women.

syban and the japanese

Syban and some of her fellow graduates

the gang

From Left: Prof. Takagi, Myself, Sybans Mama, Syban Velardi-Laufer, Syban’s Papa, Assoc. Prof. Mori and Prof. Yokoyama