Circle Skirt Calculator – online app

Did you pay attention in Algebra class? If not, then you’ll be very disappointed to know that fashion designers are constantly employing basic Algebra in our work.

Although we use mathematics all the time, the area that tends to be used most hovers around the basic-intermediate sphere, mostly simple calculations. But pattern and fashion designing is fundamentally the practice of relating the 2-dimensional to the 3-dimensional, and imaging planes and possibilities in your mind. If you can exercise this part of your brain, your creative math muscles, then your work will show it!

That being said…..please don’t ask me how to calculate a parabolic curve on the spot! For those of you who have trouble with simple circle mathematics, please see this pretty app, made by the ladies at By Hand London.

Be sure to also have a look at their other tutorials!

Always take sewing tutorials with a grain of ‘maybe I can do this better’. It is so fun to see how people do certain finished and techniques! There is always room for personality, inventiveness, change and doing something different or better when it comes to practical application! That said, what they are doing is honorable, and they have a lovely business plan and worldwide network that may be inspiring to some of you students out there.

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