Call for Entries – 2014 Tokyo New Designer Grand Prix

This contest is pretty important in Japan… If you win this, your career in Japan is basically set.



Here is their official blurb: “The Tokyo New Designer Fashion Grand Prix was established in 1984 by Onward Kashiyama Co., Ltd. and has since discovered many young designers.  In addition to the Amateur Category, which has 30 years of history, the Professional Category was newly created in 2011. In each category, we are aiming to discover fashion designers who can be internationally active, and to provide them with business support.”

yeah yeah blah blah blah. Enter if you wish to challenge yourself.

Here is the winner from last year, Shouhei Oohashi from Bunka Fashion College Osaka (who also used this same technique and theme to win the Soen Award, so he is doing pretty well with himself with this one)


And here is the Grand Prix winner from 2012, up-and-coming ex-pat designer Leonard Wong and his badass Batwoman Catwoman hybrid.


Personally, I thought this this third-place winning entry from Suzuka Odagaki from Osaka Mode Gakuen was a fucking Rhapsody. I love this kind of fabric manipulation that plays on the essential elements of the fabric construction, forming it into shapes that seem so obvious and beautiful, but are completely unexpected when you see the fabric on the bolt. The colors also look wonderful with the hair and skin tones of the model.


This look, while being extremely difficult to produce, looks a lot like the types of garments that you see coming out of fashion contests these days. Symmetrical, animal-inspired, complicated and monochrome. It’s a shame that this kind of extremely high level of work is becoming a familiar look…..lets find something fresh!


This one From Jo Kien, a student at Nagoya Mode Gakuen, makes great use of knitting patterns and fabric construction to imitate the shape of coral reefs.


The following is a very daring silhouette from Hirose Kanami, a student from Nagoya University of the Arts. Her theme for her submission was the aging body. I really would have liked to see the side silhouette. Beautiful shadows and draping, and I think that while she may have chosen an extremely difficult part of the body to emphasize and explore, her proportions are well done.


This one is also insanely gorgeous and I would love to see her appear as the Ice Queen on Game of Thrones (SPOILERS HAHA SCREW YOU…j/k)