Sewing machine basics

The other day I introduced you to your new pets….. Your new sewing machines!

For some of you it was a lot of information all at once, but here are some resources that should help you along your journey.

Here is the threading manual for the sewing machines. While it may slightly differ from the newer machines to the older models, it should be essentially the same for each machine.

Sorry that it is in Japanese!! You should be able to look at the images to understand how to thread it.

Here is the instruction manual for the straight stich, and here is the manual for the Babylock machine.. I’ll work on translating it, but it might take a while. Stick to the images for now, and be sure to ask if there is anything you don’t understand.

Here is an English manual for a different machine, which is usable since the essential parts of a sewing machine are the same. Please refer to this manual if you need to refresh on the names of the different parts, or for tips & tricks on how to use the different functions of the machine.

Also we learned all about the different presser feet, which can be very confusing. Stick to the basics, then as you figure out what you need I’ll make sure to hook you up with the right tool for the job. Your design ideas are more important than getting overwhelmed with technical details.