The New Black – a documentary

Please watch this!

Released in May 2014, by European electronics giant AEG, this documentary explores some of the ways that designers are re-thinking their task as makers of apparel. How can we innovate ancient methods of creating clothing by using futuristic materials? How can the fundamental processes of apparel production be changed in order to nurture a more humanistic, sustainable model that makes sense?

The concept of clothing may not change (cover the body, express something about individuality in relation to culture), but the methods and purpose have much potential for change. We live in an exciting age that can nurture that development.

In this amazing doco, numerous cutting-edge designers are featured, including: Studio XO– who champion the notion that technology and clothing need to be fused, Biocouture– clothing designer and founder Suzanne Lee believes that one day we will be able to grow our own clothes using recipes that will imbue them with important holistic characteristics. Please user her recipe here, and try growing your own fabric!

Please watch the doco yourself to see who else is featured.