Beads of the World – an exhibition




The following translation of the official blurb was found on TAB

Beads are a familiar adornment to our contemporary clothes and accessories and have been used across the world since ancient times, but not always for the purpose of decoration, with cases of beads being employed as symbols of prayer and wealth. This exhibition introduces beads from regions across the globe from the glass beads used as currency, to the richly embroidered beaded dresses of Europe, to the symbolic beads of Asia and Africa.

Please come to the Bunka Costume Museum from June 18 ~ September 13 to see this wonderful exhibition.

Admission is 500 yen, 300 for students, 200 for middle-schoolers.

Be sure to also check out the Asian Beads Bazaar, located within the museum. 

Beautiful beads from Syria:



A beautiful woman from the Keren tribe in Myanmar:




Insanely awesome work from South Africa, Ndebele beads: