Free Fashion Croquis


 “A Fashion croquis is a rough outline sketch of a figure model in various fashion illustration poses that fashion designers use as a fashion drawing template for sketching apparel design ideas andfashion drawings.  Traditionally, a fashion croquis figure is 9 heads tall, but this can vary depending on the designer’s aesthetics. Fashion figures are traditionally slender with exaggerated long legs.”

While it would be wonderful to take the time to beautifully illustrate and colour an illustrative representation of every design, there isn’t time for that kind of work in most alteliers. Designers use these templates, or croquis, instead, to speed things up and keep their proportions consistent.

Here are some great croquis for illustration and designing. University of Fashion, an online fashion school (which I haven’t used, so I can’t say anything about it beyond the fact that have some free resources for students) have many available, from Ladies and Mens to plus size, down to tweens and even toddler and infant. These body blocks can be really useful in a pinch. Perhaps you can even just alter these to make your own croquis that suits your taste? Once you have it, you just use it forever. Even if you tend to do illustrative works and don’t like the idea of a colouring-book style of illustration, just place it under a piece of fresh paper and use it as a guide for proportions, elbow location, etc.

 infant_croquis_thumb child_girl_croquis_thumb plus_croquis_thumb tween_girl_thumbmale_croquis_thumb female_croquis_thumb

You can go to their website and download the files, but if you are averse to  being tricked into signing up, logging in and sharing something just to be able to enjoy a “free” offer, just use Shift+Command+4 (or PrintScreen) on your keyboard to get the screen shot, then trace over them in illustrator or print them out.

In case you don’t like the above mentioned designs, please try these links below for more options. If you look, the internet shall provide!