Diana Gamboa paper folding workshop at bunka

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while! It’s summer now and school is out until late September. I’ve been in Canada hanging out with the loons and deer, but now I’m back! Thank you for your patience, and I hope you had a great summer, too (if you are in the northern hemisphere) :)
Colombian fashion designer Diana Gamboa visited Bunka a few months ago, and our second-year Columbian native student Laura Keiko Tanaka attended and has written a report of the workshop.

Below is some of Diana Gamboa’s work:

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Please continue reading for Laura Keiko’s record of the workshop below.

I went to Diana`s workshop the other day. She and her husband basically showed the work they have done, then showed us pictures of their three children. They spoke about the importance of them in their lives. Diana did a collaboration with Louis Vuitton for a photo shoot. That made Julia (Bunka Gakuen University PhD student from Brazil) very curious and asked her how she got that job, that collaboration for the brand
.photo 1photo 3-1
Diana’s answer  was : “with my heart“.
Julia asked if they had a manager or representative, and Diana said they don’t. She says that when she wants something she asks for it to the universe with a sincere heart.
The workshop was pretty simple. They gave us a pice of paper and gave us instructions to fold it as much as we could. Then after she told us to make a chair with it.
photo 1-2
After a while some girls came up with some chairs and then she was giving examples of how a chair, something not related to fashion, could be used to make it part of our garments. Like for instance, we have done a chair but it could also be a sleeve, or how we could use many of them and make a skirt etc.
 photo 3
In conclusion she said that to create original and innovative outfits, we should rely on other objects different from the ones we are used to working with. Like, stop thinking about the basic shapes of a skirt, blouse, dress and instead rely on other things like a chair or a lamp or a table and start from that instead.
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