Tailor’s Tips – a video series


Please have a look at this wonderful series of videos from British site Parisian Gentleman.

Be sure to have a look at their Academy, where they share their knowledge and experience about understanding, wearing and creating menswear with great blog posts on Men’s elegance, Sleeve pitch, Men’s jacket construction, Proportion and Yarn count,to name a few. If the links are out-dated, just find them again through their main page. This site is a must for any menswear geeks out there!

And now, here are some photos for you to right-click and save into your forever folder of knowledge. To the people who made them whose names have been lost to the murky waters of the deep web, I apologize for only giving you thanks where credit is due. A lot of these photos were found here, so please go check it out.

fitting-collars how-it-should-fit-clothing-chart (1) Mens-Modern-Fashion-Suit-Diagram

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