GFC lecturer Dr. Sheila Cliffe on NHK World this week

Dr. Sheila Cliffe will be appearing on NHK World this week in a segment entitled: Tokyo Fashion Express Special: The timeless beauty of kimono.

Dr. Cliffe is a graduate of the University of Leeds and is currently a professor at Jumonji Gakuen Joshi Daigaku. She specializes in Kimono and graces us every year with lectures on the history and art of wearing traditional Japanese Kimono. She’s pretty amazing.

If you have access to NHK World, please tune in on Sunday, October 12th 2014 at 9:10, 3:10, 21:10, 23:10 for the broadcast. If you don’t have access to NHK World, then apparently you can watch the broadcast here -> but please don’t e-mail me if it doesn’t work because I have no idea.

Enjoy some stills from the episode below!


Sheila and the host of the show


Kimono on the runway. Check out the band behind the models jammin’ out on the shamisen (check the bottom of this post for some videos of the Shamisen and it’s friends in action).


Japanese brand Matohu

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Below is another video series that Sheila is doing to spread the appreciation of  Kimono. Be sure to watch them all!


The videos below were filmed during a super fun annual festival called Awa Odori, where groups from all over the country gather to participate in a music and dance competition, and the neighborhood gathers to watch and drink Chu-hais. It also happens to take place in my neighborhood, so all my friends come out and we have a great time!