Woodblock Printing in Bagru - an internship

This post is about the experience of our first-year student Pooja Chadha, who spent the summer working in a textile factory in Bagru, Rajasthan, an Indian city famous for it’s printing technique. Pooja was working for a company aptly named Bagru Textiles, which is a producer and exporter of Indian textiles who cut out the middleman by selling their handmade goods directly to the consumer online. “Our company is run by the people, and for the people“.

Bagru Textiles strives for ‘transparency‘, a basic ideology on which consumers place value in the over-saturated global consumer product market.

The people at Bagru continue, saying:

Through our website and Etsy page we directly connect the block printing artisans of Bagru to their consumers, eliminating the middleman thus saving the consumer money and increasing profits to those creating the products.  Currently the route from artisan to consumer is indirect, that is before reaching the consumer the good changes hands several times wasting time and money. We hope to change that. 

This video explains their beliefs quite well:

At Bagru TextilesPooja had the opportunity to work with all kinds of textiles.  She had the chance to do some silkscreening and woodblock printing, and saw the entire process from making vegetable dyes, creation of woodblocksselection of motifs, design of motifs to even dealing with exporters!

They can do many different designs and processes at Bagru Textiles, but keep in mind that they keep nothing in stock, and only create the fabrics you order once you place the order and receive a quote. Everything you order is made especially for you and no one else. They want to customer to be a part of the process of creating these works, and they welcome any custom design challenge. Check out the work from Block Shop Textiles for a great example of a designer doing some lovely work with this factory. Find out more about the woodblock printing process here.

Have a look at these images of Pooja in the factory having some fun with printing. This guy is the best. Here he is carving a motif out of a chunk of wood. Maybe this man can make your design?

image (1)

image (2) image (3) image (4) image (5) image (6) image (7)

The above photos are courtesy of Pooja Chadha. 

Here is a video of Bagru Textiles: