Free Fashion Design textbooks

LOOK WHAT A STUMBLED UPON BY ACCIDENT ON THE INTERNET. Again, I didn’t put any of these up, I’m just sharing them here with you for the purposes of spreading knowledge and perhaps propagating a little bit of healthy anarchy while I’m at it. This Slideshare website is insane…I’m not really sure how to use it but it looks like a social network for PowerPoint. Nerds rejoice! 

I’ll start with a classic that helped many of my bethimbled peers into the world of sewing:



This book was written by Bunka Fashion College professor Tomoko Nakamichi, and it is AMAZINGLY FUN!


One of my all-time fave patternmaking books, although her shapes are a bit clunky, her methods are easy to figure out.



Try diving into the rabbit hole in Slideshare and you may find a ton of weird and wonderful resources!