SEWING WITH STRETCH – a site dug up using the internet archive

This is one of my favorite sites, but the person who ran it took it down a few years ago. Luckily there is a tool that will keep everything on the internet alive until Multivac finally comes up with it’s answer. Even those nudes you sent your boyfriend….so be careful. It’s called The Internet Archive. It only has 435 billion archived website and lots of free music & books….so it’s nothing special.

But this post isn’t about that. It’s about a site that can only be found archived forever called Pattern School. He goes through the physics of latex and stretch, to drafting stretch blocks (think dancewear or bathing suits) to the sewing. He also has great tools for lazy people who just want to plug in their measurements and get a pattern! (but I don’t know if the Internet Archive works on code like that…)

All I really want to say is that this man really, really,. really, really knows what he is talking about when it comes to stretchy, body-hugging clothes and how to draft and work with them.

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