Attention Denimheads! An exhibition at the Bunka Costume Museum

denimEvery year the Bunka Gakuen Costume museum (I won’t even link the site because it is so out of date) holds an exhibition in April that coincides with the beginning of the school year on the theme of European dress. On the second floor one will always find pieces that exemplify European dress through the ages. The curators always dig up great pieces from our collection. For example, last year they showed a Perkins mauve dress!


Not from Bunka Museum, but a great example of a Perkins Purple dress

Each year they give the Euro-mode exhibition a bit of a twist, and this year will have a special focus on denim! Anyone who is interested in seeing some original pieces (from the private collection of one of our teachers), some new Japanese denim and also some information on the processes involved in creating denim finishes (did you know they do laser engraving?) to make a new pair look….old….should come on down!

Here is a map to the museum (hint: It’s right next to the school). It’s only 400 yen. Come have a look! Here is a taste of what you’ll find:

We have this whole James Dean outfit on display (minus the wonderful bum pose)


072 1940s-Womens-Workwear  dsc_0728-copy1