I know this is last minute, but it is supposed to be a surprise! A friend of mine, Koshiro Ebata, who runs the shop Garter in the Kitakore building, has co-organized “The Happening“, a guerrilla fashion show scheduled for TODAY.

They’ve rented a truck. They’ve hired models. They’ve gathered talented designers and although it’s raining today, they will power through. The moving fashion show begins at 12:30 at Parco in Shibuya, then at 14:00 they will be in front of Laforet in Harajuku, next they will come to Bunka Fashion College (where I’ll see them) at 15:30. The event ends at Commune246 in Aoyama at 19:00. Find them or they will find you!


Exhibiting designers include (in no particular order): Koshiro Ebata (Garter), Meg Miura, Kosuke Tsumura, Takeshi Sato and Asuka Kumada.2 7