Design as Art – a book by Bruno Munari

I wish Bruno Munari was my uncle. If he was we could hang out at barbeques and he would make me and my brothers, cousins and nieces weird toys and we would all have the best time and be best friends. He would make us some of his useless machines and we would sit and enjoy they way they spin and dance and do nothing but make us curious and happy.

Bruno Munari was an Italian artist and designer and he wrote this wonderful book on the subject of his two areas of play- Design as Art. I did not scan this or upload it, but if you would like to read his book, please read this PDF or just go a head and buy it.

Here is one of my favorite passages from this book (I have so many that if I tried to share I would end up just copying the whole book out. Just read the thing please):

In the past, images were nearly all painted, drawn or carved, and they reproduced visible and recognizable reality. Now we can even see the invisible. We have a host of machines exploring for us what we cannot see with the naked eye. We have X-ray photos, the world of the microscope, and the abstract inventions of artists. We have machines that enable us to see music and sounds in the form of luminous waves, machines that show us photo-elasticity in colour by means of polarized light, machines that slow up pictures of motion until we get as it were a blow-up of each instant. Then there are the lights- which already form an accepted part of the nightscape, fluorescent lights, neon, sodium vapour lights, black light.  And we have forms that are beautiful and exact because they are true forms: the forms of aeroplanes and missiles are dictated by the demands of speed, and were inconceivable in the past. These are forms we see every day, the colours and lights of our own time. To accept, to know and to use them is to express oneself in the language of today which was made for the man of today.

Bruno Munari, Design as Art (1966)



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