The true cost – a documentary

When I tell people that I am a designer they ask me one of two questions: “What brand do you work for?” or “What is your label called?”. I then tell them that I only do custom work, because I haven’t yet come up with a good reason to start my own label. The scale and speed of fashion business has changed in our global society, and with it comes a need to re-assess our methods and motivations when starting a fashion label. I’m still working on my personal design philosophy and before I can create a practical plan that satisfies my ethical and economic goals, I won’t start a fashion business that produces on a large-scale.

Until I can find a meaningful way to produce beautiful things for a good reason, I’ll keep researching, reading and building a platform that I can get behind. Some of my current fashion idols appear in the 2015 film The True Cost (People Tree, Stella McCartney. Although I wish the film had also included Honest by Bruno Pieters and spoken about transparency). This is a film about the human cost of clothing consumption and production and is worth a look for any designer or student of fashion studies.