Andrea Zapp at Bunka – an Exhibition

UK based designer Andrea Zapp is exhibiting at Bunka this week. Please have a look if you have a chance. See below for more info about the brand..which I can’t take credit for writing :

AZ. is a new designer womenswear label, Made in The UK, with a truly authentic profile in fashion and print. It is inspired by German born Andrea Zapp’s academic studies in film and her travels over the years as an internationally exhibiting media artist. Andrea is also a Senior Research Fellow at The Manchester School of Art at Manchester Metropolitan University. The AZ. company launched in autumn 2014 out of collaborative research between the School of Art and Hollings Faculty at MMU and supported directly by the Vice Chancellor. Since it has also provided a research and practice platform for University graduates in graphic design and pattern cutting. The design studio and sampling itself is located in the Digital Innovation Centre at MMU.

Andrea’s distinct photography forms the continuum for AZ. designs with unaltered and most unusual photo-real imagery that is carefully mapped onto patterns, creating outstanding textures and accentuating garment shapes. Natural landscapes or cities, collectables and everyday finds are captured in transit, providing inspiration for unique collection stories and design concepts. The creative thinking process is often stimulated by contemporary aesthetics attributed to architecture or modernist art and design. Vibrant narratives on silk and quality fabrics are matched with block colour segments in a highly recognisable and very sophisticated look. Minimalist, linear and uncluttered garment styles form a screen and canvas for intricate visuals.

AZ. has exhibited at London Fashion Week/Saatchi Gallery, Singapore and Paris Fashion Week. Often working site-specific in the design stories, AZ. has also developed a portfolio of exclusive limited editions that were commissioned by museums, galleries and other public partners in the UK.





















「AZ.」はファッションとプリントに本格的に取り組む、イギリス発の新しいレディースウェア・デザイナーズブランドです。ドイツ出身のデザイナー、アンドレア・ザップ氏の専門である映像と、メディア・アーティストとして世界中で展示活動を展開してきた彼女の長年にわたる旅からインスピレーションを受けています。ザップ氏はマンチェスター・メトロポリタン大学(MMU)の上級研究員でもあります。AZ.社はMMUの副学長から直接サポートを受け、School of ArtとHollings Facultyとのコラボレーションによって2014年の秋に設立されました。以来、AZ.社はグラフィックデザインやパターンを学ぶ学部生の研究と実習の場になりました。デザインスタジオと商品のサンプリングは、MMUのデジタル・イノベーション・センターで行われています。






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