Bunka GFC x Hasselblad – Collaborative Student Shoot

This January, Bunka Gakuen University Graduate School’s Global Fashion Concentration collaborated with legendary Swedish camera maker Hasselblad to stage a professional shoot in the classroom.
The object of this collaboration was to give young creators the chance to shoot in a professional setting with top-of-the line products and experience first hand the challenges of being a pro.
The first participant in this collaboration was Nigel Newhook, a GFC graduate student from England. He shot his graduate thesis collection under the supervision of Prof.Takagi, Prof.Yokoyama and fashion designer and lecturer Takashi Mori. Nigel has since graduated, in March 2016, and is now the Creative Director of Kobe-based apparel company.
Nigel designed a high-end collection of classicly-tailored mens coats, to be worn by both men and women. To source his material he traveled to a mill in the UK and purchased the highest quality fine cashmere and had the coats produced domestically in a high-end factory that does small orders here in Japan. For Nigel, the expression of his MA research was not just the clothing collection, but the products of this collaborative shoot themselves – the fashion photographs.

Nigel studied photography before coming to our program but had no experience with studio photography. A professional photographer is provided by Hasselblad to participate in the collaboration, however as Nigel he had experience he took the reins himself and shot his collection with advice from pro photographer and Hasselblad ambassador Ueda Koji, Profoto Japan and stylists.
This first collaboration was a huge success, and we are in talks with Hasselblad to continue this thesis shoot collaboration for years to come! Congratulations to you, Nigel.

Some information about Hasselblad:
Founded in 1941 in Gothenburg, Sweden, Hasselblad has been the leading manufacturer and partner for photographers working in the medium format environment for over half a century, consistently providing the highest level of quality and innovation. The extraordinary quality of the company’s products became famous in 1962 when Hasselblad cameras were selected for NASA space missions.
This initiative was initiated by Hasselblad Japan. They opened the first Hasselblad shop in the world in 2013 and are welcoming all types of photographers, from students to professionals.


Please see this link for selected photos from the shoot.



Nigel Newhook 2016