The Art Studio of the Mouth – A Guest Workshop

We were visited in April 2017 by Marie Hugsted, from the Textilskolen, in Copenhagen (Denmark, for people who think it is in Sweden ;).

Marie is embarking on a government-funded research project to discover the connection between mouthfeel and textile design. Her goal is to create the basis for a textile design methodology that translates these tactile feelings into colours and textures, and also to expand the vocabulary for mouthfeel.

During Marie’s exploratory workshop, she brought us a number of different foods to try, and we were asked to do different exercises in translating these feelings in our mouths. First, we blocked our senses – hearing, smell – and experienced the difference. Then we were asked to translate different foods into texture maps and colour maps. Finally, we were sent into the school to make still-life photographs based on our observations. The results below are my forays into this sensual experience…but I was sick on the final day of the two-day workshop so they are incomplete (but I got good feedback from the students who went).

For me, as a designer who is led by materiality and tactility, this was a beautiful experience and I was happy to be able to enhance my vocabulary of sensory awareness.

Thank you very much for coming to our school, Marie!