An indigo and sustainability workshop with Elisa Palomino and the Noguchi family

We were visited yesterday by the extremely talented and inspiring Elisa Palmino, who over her long career has worked for Dior, Moschino, and DVF (to name a few). She is now the course leader for Fashion Print at Central Saint Martins in London. She stopped by our classroom on her way to Kyoto and Hokkaido, where she will begin her PhD research.

She visited us yesterday in the Global Fashion Concentration to give a lecture and workshop with our students on sustainability in fashion, from high to low. She began by introducing the students to the various ways in which sustainability can be approached at the design stage, from social, ethical, environmental, etc. I think the students were surprised by the diversity of definitions and practices that all fall under this nebulous capitalized term: Sustainability. She will be giving a similar lecture which is open to all students tonight, July 20, at 6 pm in C021.


After the lecture, we visited the Noguchi indigo studio in Hachioji. I’ve been there a few times before with students and curators (Have a look at this post for more info about the studio, it’s owner and history), but I always learn something new. She’s given the students the assignment of focusing on one or some of the approaches to sustainability, and to design a collection inspired by Japanese indigo.


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