Crusader chic- an article about fashion in the middle ages

Source: Crusader Chic Upon returning home, Crusaders brought with them styles that would upset Europe’s fashion hierarchy. By Danielle Peterson Searls Roland Barthes draws a distinction between the universal practice of adornment… Continue reading

The Bunka Method – Article on BOF

Thank you so much to BoF for featuring our course in this recent article! Education Report 2015 The Bunka Method Japan’s Bunka Fashion College has produced some of the world’s most celebrated avant-garde… Continue reading

Can Asian selfies democratize fashion? – a book review by Bunka student Christine Wu

“Can Asian selfies democratize fashion?” is the name of an article written by one of our students, Christine Wu, that I am not allowed to post on my blog, so please read it… Continue reading

Japanese textile workshops in Tokyo

Hello! Are you looking for Japanese textile workshops in Tokyo? I had the pleasure of visiting Tokyo’s Ochiai (Nakai) neighborhood the other day with a group of visiting students from ENSAD Paris. The area… Continue reading

BREAKING NEWS – The GFC to offer double degree with ENSAD

Beginning September 2016, Bunka Gakuen University will launch a Double Degree Program with the prestigious Parisian school École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (ENSAD) What does this mean? It means that if you… Continue reading

Freelance designer takes on United Nude on copying issue – an article

I have been working as a fashion trend forecaster here in Tokyo on and off for around five years. I watch the mass market, document it and organize my findings to sell to… Continue reading

The true cost – a documentary

When I tell people that I am a designer they ask me one of two questions: “What brand do you work for?” or “What is your label called?”. I then tell them that… Continue reading

Rage against the sage press and Otto von Busch – essays and comics

Sorry I haven’t posted in such a long time. I know it’s cliche, but I’ve been enduring an existential crisis. It’s subsided now so I’m back! Following this and other recent peer-review scandals, I’d like to… Continue reading


Vestoj, a scholarly journal on fashion and identity published by the London College of Fashion, is one of the best fashion publications that I have seen in recent years (this and Too Much… Continue reading

Design as Art – a book by Bruno Munari

I wish Bruno Munari was my uncle. If he was we could hang out at barbeques and he would make me and my brothers, cousins and nieces weird toys and we would all… Continue reading