Shingo Sato Sensei

A lecture by draping and construction master Shingo Sato in Colombia (?). Dart manipulation into style lines. Draping can be very playful! Some of you students will want to do this on the… Continue reading

Vanity Sizing

Have you ever wondered what size you really are? Guess what??? It doesn’t matter!! It’s all arbitrary, anyways! Every brand creates it’s own body shape, block standard patterns and standard sizing. That is… Continue reading

Tokyo Art Beat

Tokyo Art Beat Art exhibitions & parties. This website is a good go-to for info and venues!

New Fabric Mimics Sense of Touch

New ‘Skin’ Fabric Mimics Sense of Touch What could you design with this groundbreaking new fabric??


Do your research. How do people want to look? What innovations are under the cloth that allow us to alter ourĀ  natural silhouette to make our body shape ‘fashionable’. If the modern body… Continue reading

Halluci in the Resource Center

Friday is your last chance to see the halluci exhibition in the Resource Center Gallery. GO go go go go go gogogogogogo and see this awesome Bunka Alumni-designed menswear brand. Flip it inside… Continue reading

Chainsaw bag by Facetasm

Bunka Festival Show 2011-2012

Remember the garments I showed you in class last week? Find them in this video! ** The Bunka Culture festival ( Or ‘Bunkasai’ ) is an annual festival put on by Bunka Fashion… Continue reading

87th Soen Award Show

What did you think of the show today? ** The Soen Award is an annual contest arranged by Soen Magazine – the Magazine created at Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo. The Grand Prize… Continue reading

School pride day

Every year Bunka students pick a color combo and wear it with pride! You can do the same if you want to. They do a little runway show & party and have a… Continue reading