87th Soen Award Show

What did you think of the show today? ** The Soen Award is an annual contest arranged by Soen Magazine – the Magazine created at Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo. The Grand Prize… Continue reading

School pride day

Every year Bunka students pick a color combo and wear it with pride! You can do the same if you want to. They do a little runway show & party and have a… Continue reading

Kanazawa Fashion Contest

Win 2,000,000 yen?


I wonder if she would be any fun at a Barbeque???

Illustration exhibition in the resource center

This is my illustration teacher from my time at BFGU! Her drawings are consistently beautiful. 岡本先生おめでとうございます!

Bunka Gakuen University Fashion Show 2013

Don’t miss this show! Bunka Gakuen has many faculties and courses and they have shows all year all around the school. This is one of the best so don’t miss it! It takes… Continue reading

Bunka Gakuen Costume Museum

Please attend the Costume Museum, if you have a chance to swing by on your way home. It is located just next to the entrance to the A & B Buildings. Bunka Gakuen has… Continue reading

See what your teachers have been working on…

Have you noticed these very plain posters around the school? They are advertising the 28th annual instructors exhibition. Please have a look on April 17-20th from 10:00 – 17:30 ( On Friday they… Continue reading

Bunka Gakuen University in Tokyo opens MA Fashion course taught in English!!!

Celebrating its 90th anniversary this year, Bunka Fashion College is Japan’s most prestigious fashion school. It started as a dressmakers school almost 100 years ago in Tokyo, and now has multiple campuses all over the country.… Continue reading

Some great sewing tutorials

Some great sewing tutorials Forget how to put in a zipper? Look at this website for tutorials on many basic and advanced techniques from The Fashion Incubator. Related articles Sewing Skills: Online Pillow… Continue reading