Fresh Fresh Freshmen and an instagram update!

They’re here! Meet our new GFC 2015 freshman students! From top left: Nick from Canada, Phyllis from China, Saskia from Belgium, Hanae from Japan, Yasmin from Germany and Christine from New York City!… Continue reading

Transboundary fashion – a 3 year research project

I’m proud to announce that the research project headed by Professor Dr. Yoko Takagi, director of the Global Fashion Concentration, is off to a great start! Please see the official “Transboundary Fashion” site here.… Continue reading

Is everyone a maker? – an article

Some great food for thought for you to ruminate before school starts NEXT WEEK! This article was originally posted on Metropolis Magazine and was written by architect, writer and critic Sam Jacob. What… Continue reading

Pattern cutting techniques & Kawaii – Special lectures at Bunka Next week

Kawaii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We hear this overly-used word every day. It’s a word that means a million things but really nothing at the same time. A baby can be kawaii, but so can a piece… Continue reading

Attention Denimheads! An exhibition at the Bunka Costume Museum

Every year the Bunka Gakuen Costume museum (I won’t even link the site because it is so out of date) holds an exhibition in April that coincides with the beginning of the school… Continue reading

fashion is dead! a manifesto by Lidewij Edelkoort

I first saw trend forecaster Li Edelkoort when she came to Bunka in 2010 to give a trend forecast presentation. I really wanted to ask her about sustainability, because she hadn’t mentioned anything about… Continue reading

Made better in Japan – an article from the Wall Street Journal

Through making this blog I am very lucky to be contacted by many people who wish to come to Japan to study fashion here in Tokyo. I usually have the pleasure of asking… Continue reading

Hari-Kuyo, the Needle funeral

Respect your tools. Every time you break a needle or bend a pin you’re putting to rest a tiny little collaborator in your creative ventures. On February 7th or 8th every year (on… Continue reading

On critiquing

I still wake up in the middle of the night and jot ideas in to a notebook, only to forget about them later. I have trouble with paperwork, I can’t remember appointments unless I… Continue reading

SEWING WITH STRETCH – a site dug up using the internet archive

This is one of my favorite sites, but the person who ran it took it down a few years ago. Luckily there is a tool that will keep everything on the internet alive until… Continue reading